Software development


ODEC develops e-administration solutions based on:

  • Be modular solutions and open code solutions.
  • Based on service (SOA) and interoperability architecture among administrations.
  • Witch access and usability of the contents and simplifying the management and administrative processes.
  • Giving solutions either for the citizen or for the public sector.

These solutions are addressed to local, autonomous and state administrations and their functionalities are:

  • Electronic home.
  • File processing.
  • Public hiring.
  • Citizen's folder.
  • Digitalization and electronic archive.
  • Telematic registration, digital signature, etc.


We at ODEC are experts in the design, development and implementation of web portals and intranets which allow the intelligent management of our clients’ contents.

We develop our solutions with leading technologies in the Open Source world for the web and mobile environments. We are the best ones at:

Apps for mobile devices

In the enterprise environment we have developed mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. These can be integrated in the management entrepreneurial systems from the concept design, programming, etc, until the publication of these in the distribution shops:

  • Development of mobile apps for iPhone phones.
  • Experience in programming apps for ANDROID. We manage the publication on Google Play or in alternative markets.
  • Development of native apps for iPAD, doing the consulting from the initial design of the app so that it fulfills the publishing requirements on App Store…

Big Data

  • At ODEC we deliver Big Data services where, as a start, we identify what kind of data could give an answer to the usual problems of our clients such as sales growth, how to improve the relation and loyalty of our clients, how to generate models of sales estimation, behavior models before marketing actions, etc.
  • For this we give support in the detection and addition of any type of data, either internal or external to the organization. These can either be structural or non structural data, so we can offer Big Data solutions that give a 100% quality in any analytical process in the decision taking.
  • Our technicians use technological architectures usually based on Open Source models able to cover the whole cycle of life of data: from the extraction and storage, passing through the necessary treatment of the information and its final upload in the right visualization ways and analysis of data in real time.
  • As a result of our experience we have developed solutions and success cases in different areas such as client analytics, marketing, social media, predictive sales models, advanced planning models, analytics for the enterprise performance, for the user satisfaction and so on.

Business Intelligence

ODEC is leader in the application of BI technologies for the support for the decision taking based on:

  • A data warehouse with all the necessary information for the knowledge of a certain business.
  • A set of tools and exploitation utilities of that information.

These tools basically allow the realization of:

  • Statistic advanced analysis in order to apply to the data a predictive treatment for the patron and search trending, focused on professionals of the data analysis.
  • OLAP analysis for staff with needs of in depth analysis of the data relative to their department or area.
  • Ad Hoc reports which can be used for all the staff of the company in general.
  • Dashboards: these allow the management team can see the general situation of the company or department at a ‘single glance’.
  • Notifications and alerts: a proactive send of reports to a wide group of users based on calendars or company situations which must be alerted.

Computer consulting

At ODEC we offer computer service consulting being supported in three fundamental pillars:

  • The experience accumulated during a lot of years of activity in the IT world.
  • The high qualification of the responsable staff for the consulting activities.
  • The knowledge of the different areas of a company and also of the public administration.

Those consulting works are addressed to big corporations and also to small and medium size enterprises, to which we offer complete consulting services specialized in:

  • E-Goverment consulting (e-administration) where we give wide experience in the development of portals and web solutions. We also have great knowledge of the public sector (apps for staff hiring, sanctions, tax management, tax revenues, inspections, public grants, formation, etc.) with solutions implemented in the Generalitat Valenciana and other public administrations.
  • Selection and implementation of packages or market solutions, where we are independent technology consultants in order to select the best solution for every client and project
  • Communications consulting, hardware, etc. where we analyze possible networking solutions, remote network management, applying virtualization techniques to improve the efficiency and availability of the resources and the II applications, etc.
  • We do consulting in IT security, services and security SW for the administration and the remote management of the security.
  • We impart education on IT and do consulting in methodologies of software development by recommending tools and utilities for the analysis, design, implementation, tests and start of new projects, etc.
  • We make system plans, computer auditing, etc.

Open source solutions

As independent technology consultants ODEC is committed to the use of solutions without licensing costs per user. That is why we make our projects as closed budgets and without any additional costs during their execution.

This way, when the project allows us so, we bet on Open Source solutions in the market in its different categories:

  • Documental manager Alfresco.
  • Business Intelligence: Pentaho, JasperReports, RapidMiner
  • Portal manager: Liferay, OpenCMS, Joomla
  • ERP/CRM: Open Bravo, Sugar, vTiger
  • Workflow/JBPM: Bonita, JBOSS, JBPM, Shark.
  • Office automation: OpenOffice, Open Desktop
  • Data bases: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Other: Mantis, MediaWiki,, Asterisk, etc.

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