We generate the information you need to help company decision making. More tan 50 years of experience says a lot about us. Our clients support us, together we have grown big by working with institutes and research companies, we offer global computer solutions from multichannel capture to the the most advance data process systems and result publishing.

  • Multichannel information capture: PAPI/CATI/CAWI.
  • Data depuration and processing
  • Data analysis: tabulation and multivariate analysis.
  • Maintenance of data bases for continuous studies.
  • Online results, ad hoc reports, presentations, etc.
  • Multichannel information capture: PAPI/CATI/CAWI.
  • Data depuration and processing
  • Data analysis: tabulation and multivariate analysis.
  • Maintenance of data bases for continuous studies.
  • Online results, ad hoc reports, presentations, etc.


Marketing and research departments of advertising and media agencies, mass media and advertisers… a lot of them have trusted us. ODEC is leader in audience research studies, software solutions for research and media planning, not only in Spain but also in LatAm.

  • We offer services and solutions since the beginning of the audience research in Spain.
  • We usually collaborate with the AIMC (Asociación para la Investigación de Medios de Comunicación/Spanish Media Research Association).
  • We develop the computer process of the EGM (Estudio General de Medios / General Media Study) from its origins. It is the main multimedia audience study in Spain.
  • We have installed more than 4.500 work posts with our software in media agencies and in mass media (TV, radio, printed media, external advertising, digital media…).
  • TOM Micro: reference software for the media planning in Spain and LatAm with more than 2.500 work posts installed.
  • Galileo: a powerful statistic program for data analysis and media research.


We will give support to your marketing actions. Multiply your fields of action, make your company better and predict your clients’ behavior. At ODEC we offer you all the accumulated experience in the data process and management so that you can optimize your resources.

  • More than 25 people formed specifically in management and marketing.
  • Organized by accounts with a responsible and a multidisciplinary group.
  • With wide experience in the automobile sector.
  • With a quality service, quality at work and involvement.
  • We are big in security and sturdiness, small in order to be flexible and adaptable.
  • Data capture of all kinds of promotional supports.
  • Management and maintenance of CRM platforms (Siebel, Open Source).
  • Creation and maintenance of commercial data bases.
  • BB.DD. segmentation for campaign launching.
  • Execution of campaigns: Massive e-mail and SMS.
  • Online reporting.


For years we have been helping the public administrations and institutions build a better society. We always contribute our experience and specialized expertise in projects related to statistics, documental, electoral and, in general, in any kind of management and information process on the back-office and front office side of the business:

  • Projects which require a great technical and logistic deployment of teams and people.
  • Multichannel capture, exploitation and result publishing.
  • Population and housing censuses. Agricultural censuses , municipal register.
  • All the services: printing of the questionnaires, digitalization of the exams, scaling, calculation processes, automatic correction and result edition.
  • For the exams, applications, public exams and any other kind of tests.
  • MIR tests, PISA Report, public exams, etc.
  • Official vote counting, tracking and broadcasting of the results for the governments.
  • Studies and election polls. Barometers, CATI-CAWI surveys.
  • Specialized consulting, electoral data base management, portal of historical results.
  • Municipal portals, web applications.
  • Administrative records management, tax management, etc.
  • E-administration: electronic processing of services for the citizen.


Since 1985 we work tightly with the main automotive manufacturers, offering integral marketing services able to cover all their business areas:

  • Multichannel platform for surveys (web, paper, telephone, tablet, etc.).
  • Studies of satisfaction of the client with alerts of the degree of responses.
  • Satisfaction on the website of the brand, delivery of the vehicle, After sales.
  • BB.DD. client management and marketing support (Siebel, etc.).
  • Design and ejecution of Voice of the Customer programs.
  • Platform for the Dealers Local advertising management
  • Management of the “Notification of sales” administration tasks and payment of incentives to dealer with a previous auditing: direct savings for the brand.
  • Reports of results, objective achievement, profitability, etc.
  • Loyalty strategies.
  • Contract management for the guarantee extension.
  • After sales campaigns.
  • Leads management Platform: e-mail, telephone or sms service reminder, marketing campaigns, recalls etc.
  • Dealers motivation programs with online competition.
  • Online exams.
  • Tests 360º.
  • Generation of the integrated payments interface with local/SAP systems.
  • Digitalization of invoices (Certificate of the Tax Agency).
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of the BI systems.


  • Official operatives for the electoral scrutiny.
  • Actions of tracking and result broadcasting.
  • Technical-electoral specialized consulting.
  • Wide experience in supports to electoral processes.
  • We are pioneers in e-voting applications in Spain, since 1995.
  • Online voting: elections of public posts in professional offices, associations, public and private companies, with the Secure Vote Platform on the Internet:
  • Electronic voting at Shareholders' Meetings: representation and telematic voting in important companies for the celebration of their General Meetings of Shareholders.
  • E-Scrutiny: recount with the ICR technology in clubs and associations, financial institutions, congresses, election boards, etc.
  • Support to probes for mass media (exit-poll).
  • Telephone platform for electoral surveys.
  • Process of studies and data bases.
  • Portal of historical results.
  • Website with information for the citizen.
  • Multimedia applications with result broadcasting.

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