Data capture


Quality, reliability and security make us different in multichannel information capture. At ODEC we provide our clients with our great technological capacity and professional expertise with one single purpose: offer the best we have in order to help you reach the furthest.

  • Documental digitalization.
  • Online interviews (CAWI).
  • Telephone interviews (CATI).
  • Complet System.
  • Exams printing and distribution.
  • Baremation of merits.
  • Digitalization, optical recognition and exams correction.
  • Production of Provisional and definitive lists.
  • More than 50 years at the avant-garde of information capturing.
  • Contrasted technologies in significant projects (INE).
  • 160 call center positions+ 80 positions of video documentary capture.
  • Scanner park of high performance.


We are flexible. We adapt to optimize all of the processes. We use updated technologies, either in our own products, as in standardized systems. We also generate integral and different solutions for every field of work. Here we use the latest available technologies.

  • Products for an autonomous tabulation and the web visualization of reports.
  • Our own technologies for data processing and generation of reports.
  • Storage, depuration and base for the sites: Oracle, Tom Services.
  • Web Programming: JEE, Java, Javascript, SQL, Angular JS, Bootstrap.
  • Market research, client’s satisfaction surveys, working environment, corporate image, service quality, etc.
  • Advertising media: treatment of audience research in Spain and LatAm for media planning with Tom Micro.
  • Marketing: promotional campaigns, loyalty customer programs, etc.
  • Public statistics: surveys and official statistics, census, etc.


We are an experienced and profesional team, from beggining to end. This is why, as a final step of data processing, we present the study results in a simple and practical way. Including all posible treatments and analisys, offline and online.

  • Automatic generation of graphics, starting from charts and data bases.
  • Managing reports and personalized presentations per client and project.
  • Easy transition to the Web: attractive visualizations with high quality of the data in particular.
  • Broadcasting of online results through personalized websites.
  • Integrated system: multichannel data gathering, process and online broadcasting.
  • Web platform for the results tracking in real time through a dashborard with the online evolution of indicators, comparative, alerts, etc.
  • Web broadcasting of specific studies for the client satisfaction for the automobile sector.


We generate technological and computer solutions for our clients. This is one of the other reasons for being your Big Data Partner. These are solutions applied to every need, tailor made developed, presented in the main TIC sectors. We are specialists in tailor made developments and also in the implementation of entrepreneurial ad-hoc solutions. Our endorsement is:

  • More than 90 computer technicians hired in our offices: consultants, architects, project managers, analysts and programmers.
  • They are all used to working with different methodologies, tools and platforms of development: Java, NET, Developer, PHP, Oracle, Microsoft, Liferay, Open CMS, Type 3, Joomla, SCRUM, ITIL, etc.
  • More than 500 references of IT projects in different areas of the public administration (ministries, autonomous administrations and city halls).
  • Automotive.
  • Big consumption.
  • Health.
  • Public sector.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Tourism.
  • We are experts in e-administration solutions: Electronic headquarters/portals, workflows, bureaucracy, telematics register, digital signature.
  • We are leaders in online reporting and in Business Intelligence systems such as Data Warehouse, Data Mining, OLAP (Oracle BI, Pentaho, Qlikview).
  • Big experience in applying open source solutions for the documental management, web content management (alfresco, Drupal, OpenCMS, PostgreSQL)
  • Computer consulting specialized services: dimensioning, system plans, training in technologies, etc
  • SAS


Trust yourself. We take care of the rest. We offer you the externalization of multiple computer and technological services so you can optimize and liberate resources. You just let us help you, take advantage of all our capacities.

We offer our clients the expertise and qualification of our professionals and also complete premises so- through the externalization of certain services- they can get concentrated in their main activity.

As a trustworthy partner we deliver added value with security to the business process of our clients, so reducing the operational costs by means of flexibility and adaptation to the changing environments, always with the most appropriate technology for each case. We are specialists in:

  • General marketing services: campaigns, surveys, CRM, etc.
  • A specific business line of services for the automobile sector.
  • Support for office automation and applications.
  • Outsourcing Infrastructure.

Our human team is made of different profiles: project managers, technicians, managers, analysts, programmers, experts in their respective business areas and in the technologies they incorporate to our clients’ projects. From specialists in marketing management until BB.DD administrators, passing from tele-operators and technical support staff. All are part of a team for the project’s needs.

  • Headquarters with 3.500 sq. meters of complete services.
  • 160 Call Center posts + 80 documental video-capture posts.
  • Logistics center with unloading dock and internal and perimeter security.
  • 1.200 sq. meters for fulfillment, preparation and document treatment.
  • Reception center and management of postal information.
  • Parametering and implementation of standardized packages.
  • Installation and configuration of equipment, printers and so on.
  • Installation and maintenance of basic software and of apps.
  • Last level of app support for end users.
  • Lodging (data center, remote systems, support to environments of development).
  • Administration and central system of exploitation.
  • Lines of ATM fiber optics communications for redundant provider.

Quality is our premise. I & D our DNA.

At ODEC, innovation and quality are part of our daily work, so we are at the forefront of everything we do.