Selective tests and exams

The service offered by ODEC for exams and selective tests covers from the printing and distribution of the material of the exam to the production of the final lists, passing through the optical reading and the correction of the tests or the scale of merits. It is based on three fundamental aspects:

  • Digitalization of the exams with high quality KODAK scanner. Differently from the other systems based on automatic or diodes reading, our solution uses as a starting point the optical 8 images of the answer sheets.
  • Computer system owned by the company based on a recognition engine of high reliability, developed ad hoc for the correction of test questions.
  • ODEC’s experience and know how are its more than 50 years in the market in this type of service.

Service description

Questions notebook

We offer a great variety of answer notebooks. All of them fulfilling the following:

  • Laser printing sewed with stapler and covered by plastic.
  • Laser printing sewed with stapler and closed by the lapel. (it doesn’t generate wastes in the room).
  • Offset printing with mechanical collector and closing by climbing.
  • Monocrome and color.

Answer sheet

In the design of the answer sheet we get adapted to our client needs. Our modern optical reading technology allows us to process with big liability any type of answer sheet.

We have our own design of the answer sheets adapted to the needs of each exam with a capacity higher than 250 questions.

Logistic services

Custody, distribution and gathering of the material of the exam. We have security stores to custody the material until the day of the test. For the distribution and gathering of the materials, we count on the collaboration of specialized companies for the transport of the security

Digitalization of the answer sheets

All of the answers sheets are digitalized in the high performance Kodak scanner. This secures the highest quality in the documented images. The dual digitalization (B/N and Color) allows us to make a double optical reading of the sheets.

Optical reading of the answer sheets

The engine of the optical reading is really the heart of all the system. It is consequence of several years of a mix team formed by ODEC’s technical and the IT (University Politecnica of Valencia). Roughly talking we can mention three engines of recognition that control and correct them offering as a result a totally trustworthy answer sheet.

“What the candidate has answered is what the system has read"

Digitalization of the heads

With personal data (anonymous correction). The head contains the identification data of the candidate. This head is separated of the body of the exam sheet and until its reading is not done it is not possible to know the identity of the answer sheets. Through this system the security and objectivity of all the process is guaranteed.

“This way the candidates have a total guarantee that their test will be treated with the highest objectivity, with no interferences at all. The same opportunities for all the candidates”

Correction of the exams and scores

The process of correction and obtaining of the score are made after having made the digitalization and the optical reading of the exams. In this process we, at ODEC, adapt to our clients’ needs, so implementing the necessary working process:

  • Canceling of the questions and substitution of the reserves.
  • Points of cut.
  • Blind lists.
  • Statistics of the candidates who pass the exams previously to the production of the lists.

Lists and statistics

To finish with this process, we mention an extensive group of lists and statistics. The lists will be elaborate it regarding occupations, areas, access systems, ranking filters or any other particular requirement of every case:

  • Lists in an anonymous scenario of the obtained scores, as well as the answers to each question and the valuation in the correction of every answer.
  • Lists of frequency of answer items for each question allowing us to analyze the answers of every question in particular.
  • Lists with relative and absolute frequency of the total scores obtained.
  • Charts of scaled transformations of the grades.
  • Nominal lists of the grades.
  • Nominal lists of the ones who passed the exams.


  • Hosting and web application for querying of the exam of every candidate
  • Exam in tactile device (smartphone, tablet, etc).
  • Web correction of open question (dictations, redaction, problems, etc).
  • Correction of exams of typing.

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