Quality & Security

Quality is our goal

A continuous improvement is the way we are. Implementing the best quality as a rule means we can guarantee you the best results: it is certified.

So we have implemented a management system based on the ISO 9001 quality certificate certified by the IVAC. In other more specialized areas we also have the following certificates:

  • ISO 20252 that gathers the quality rules for market research as well as for social and opinion research.
  • ISO 15504 for the development and maintenance of applications in the 3 level.

This way we guarantee the best results in all of our services, always oriented to the client. So we can solve any kind of problem or necessity. This experience means a lot of years of work, of shared experiences and checked with our numerous and demanding group of clients. So we have the capacity to offer global and specific solutions that fulfill with all the requirements this sector demands. The good results are our quality seal.

Security and information quality policy

ODEC, as a company specialized in services and software for the treatment of data,

is aware of the importance and demands related to quality and information security in our field of action. To satisfy them, we have established an ongoing commitment to these principles that guide our activity, a commitment that is reflected in our company policy.

Puede descargar nuestras políticas de calidad y seguridad en los siguientes enlaces:

We have the highest security standards for data processing, which is reflected in the following certifications:

  • ISO 27001, which manages the information security of the company and our clients.
  • National Security Scheme (ENS), standard procedure of the Public Administration for the protection of information and derived services.


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