Remote voting

Advantages of the ODEC solution

  • Political elections: the central, local, …. or autonomous governments can organize an election of a referendum through the Internet.
  • Organic elections: for the professional associations, clubs and associations of any kind, for the election of their governing bodies.
  • Union elections: for companies, banks, etc.
  • For any electoral system: applications, open lists, assignment formulas, double round, simultaneous elections and others.
  • Possibility of incorporating multimedia elements: candidates’ logos, candidates photographs, etc.
  • Integration with the face vote, so it can be used as an alternative channel for expatriates. This way it will stimulate their voting.
  • A low comparative cost of the system, comprising the computer tool and the necessary systems for its implementation as outsourcing.

Remote voting

Services ODEC

  • We include the electors or associates file as voters census with a treatment and an optional depuration.
  • We integrate authentication system for the Institution that convenes the elections and we also make exclusive credentials for the electoral process.
  • We personalize the look of the website of the voting, according to the corporate image of the government or institution.
  • We host the system in our servers, so carrying out the maintenance and the backups.
  • We monitor with reports of activity, accesses, statistics and results.
  • We deliver the final results:
    • Votes per candidacy or candidate.
    • Elected candidates to the parliament or institution.
    • Summary of reports and access statistics.

Safe vote platform

  • ACCESSIBILITY. Application of easy use with access by any kind of electronic device connected to the Internet (computer, tablet or smartphone).
  • SAFE COMMUNITIES. The system’s communications are carried out through a specific encrypted protocol.
  • ACCREDITATION. Those voters wishing to participate in a n announcement are identified by a PIN or a Digital Certificate.
  • EXCLUSIVE PARTICIPATION OF THE CENSUS. We assure the participation is exclusively taken part by the authorized users and that it is carried out in a single time in every announcement (uniqueness).
  • ANONYMITY AND SECRET VOTING. In no case the participant can be related to his option introduced in a virtual poll.
  • PRIVACY. By signing the vote and encrypting the digital envelope, which cannot be opened, except by the scrutiny organization.
  • DATA INTEGRITY. The system custodies in a safe way the information generated (votes, answers, etc.), during the whole process, so it cannot be altered or deleted.
  • CHECK. The voter can optionally verify his vote once finished the voting period by using his ticket.
  • AUDITING PROCESS. The whole electoral process can be audited and validated.

Telematic vote in Shareholders Meetings

Advantages of the odec solution

  • It fulfills the legal requirements over transparency of those companies in the stake stock (Law 2003/2, July 17th).
  • It stimulates the participation in the meetings where the latest technologies are implemented.
  • It is a robust application and it has an easy-to-use interface for the user.
  • In order to vote in the meetings, delegate votes or represent the shareholders, starting from a screen where its present state is shown (position).
  • It gives the possibility of consulting and revoking the vote in any moment.
  • The shareholder can ask for information and he also can receive it about the Meeting online.
  • The system has a low comparative cost. This is based on the computer tool and the necessary services for its implementation as outsourcing.


Automatic count of the votes by an optical reading system with a character recognition engine (OCR) developed by ODEC.

Here the vote is processed in a traditional way by a printed vote and a poll. Once the voting is finished, the votes are processed and after comes the scrutiny in an automatic way.

The count passes the appropriate quality controls:

  • One is automatic by a group of program specifications.
  • The other one is personal and is carried out by an operator to check the dubious ballot the system presents on the screen.

Through two versions in the OCR technology, the recognition of the typewritten characters (ICR) and that of the brands (OMR):

  • The ICR version has been applied by ODEC in the official count of the minutes on the electoral tables in the autonomous elections, so replacing the manual recording of the results and at the same time, improving the security and the response times of the scrutiny process.
  • The OMR system is especially good for the open lists and it has been used by ODEC in congresses of companies and associations.

The complete process consists of:

  • Preparation of the ballot papers in lots for the scanner
  • This scanner captures the image of the ballot papers.
  • Application of the OCR program with automatic count.
  • Online edition of the dubious votes for the supervision by humans.
  • Final count and edition of the results lists.

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