Advertising media

TOM Micro

Software that gives the media planner all the necessary tools to bring about successfully the media planning of any advertising campaign.

Through all its modules, TOM Micro gives us the following services or utilities:

  • Create and quantify targets.
  • Create or modify ranking of carriers.
  • Media plan Evaluations.
  • Media plan Optimization.
  • Charts and maps for carriers selection (duplication, Christie diagram…).
  • Generation and quantification of target audiences.
  • Segmentation of variables that will allow us to obtain segments or homogeneous groups which will be able to use in the future targets.
  • Creation of user variables.
  • Crosstabs analysis.
  • Specific analysis for TV.


GALILEO is a powerful software for the analysis of any kind of surveys, specially of those oriented to the research and media planning.

It is specially aimed at the marketing and research departments of the advertising and media agencies, mass media and advertisers.

Through Galileo we can do the following tasks:

  • Crosstabulation reports. It allows us to analyze any group of variables and visualize the results in charts or graphics.
  • Analyze relations among variables making a correspondence analysis.
  • Define used variables: the definition of variables is possible according to the needs, based on the already existing variables in the survey.
  • Create targets. In order to obtain groups of people we have several alternatives: create user variables, generate typologies (cluster analysis) or by automatic creation of groups (Segmentation analysis).
  • Research, analyze and media planning. Any kind of advertising campaign can be created, researched and analyzed through the modules included in Galileo:
    • Ranking of carriers.
    • Media Plan Evaluations.
    • Media plan Optimizations.
    • Research tables for plans and carriers.
    • Carrier classification maps and microsegmentation maps.
  • Trend analysis: we can examine the evolution of any variable (consumptions, brands, etc.), mass media or media planning in time.

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