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Speed, security, reliability are only some of the advantages of working with us. In data we know what you need and we are ready to give it to you..

All of our technological and human potential, our installations and the most modern technology are willing to work in any moment in order to back-up your company’s decisions. From its conception until the result delivery, passing through the tracking of the first results, we can provide all kinds of multichannel data processing services. There are a lot of professionals who rely on us; this has made us big.

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Document scanning and information capture through a character recognition engine (OCR, OMR, ICR). It is optimum for surveys, forms, coupons, exams, and so on.

Totally secured and quality controls:

  • Perfect Page Scanning Technology for the control of image quality.
  • Specific Department for Validation (LOFEL) for data quality control.
  • Archive and custody of the documents in rooms under special security measures.

High levels of productivity mean Fewer costs:

  • Specialization by types of questions and/or tasks.
  • Video-Capture "without papers".

Our clients deserve an added value based on:

  • Availability of the images of the surveys.
  • Video-Validation and Remote Video-Encoding through the Web.



A complete service for online interviews:
programming, mailing to panelists, hosting in our servers and treatment of results.

  • Tailor made specialized programming with a high level of quality.
  • Multimedia contents.
  • Multiplatform support and multi-device.
  • Speed and reliability.
  • Responsive Design Layout (RDL) or Adaptable Design

Our services

What we offer you:

  • We give you advice on the best way to tackle your study.
  • 100% personalized design and look according to your instructions.
  • We treat your images in order for them to look perfect.
  • We generate links to the survey.
  • Online tracking of the survey trough the website.
  • Your will be able to know where your interviewees have accessed to the survey.
  • We give you a file with all the results in the format you prefer.
  • We can provide you with all types of services for data processing:

Our tools will cover all your needs.
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  • Avant garde technology:

    We are experts on the most avant garde technologies and languages. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Angular JS, RDS (Responsive Design Layout), Adobe Flash… all of them in order to create and personalize your study according to your instructions.
  • Security is first…

    The data of your interviewees are safe with us. We use our own servers and hosting systems. We also use safe protocols, such as https and encryption and access software in our communications.
  • … And also reliability: moreover we give you a modern, reliable and redundant infrastructure in order to offer you a quality and non-stop service.
  • Correct and modify whenever you want:

    Even if the study is already launched, you will be able to add, remove or modify a badly written name, an option list of a complete question. And so you will know from what moment you made this change and how it affected the results.
  • Something is not going well? The results are not as expected and you would want to rethink the project. Relax because you do not have to undo or block anything. Take your time for a perfect solution; we can make a pause in your study and the interviewees will know they can come back to it later.

Y además…


This is a platform equipped with 160 posts to make telephone interviews. It is aim at research institutes, field networks, companies and public administrations.

Its features allow quick and trustable processes:

  • Predictive and automatic dialing..
  • Online and remote supervision through the interview’s website.
  • Quotas control and sample monitoring.
  • Data export for the result process.
  • Summary reports, lists and statistics of the performance efficiency.



Complet is a software platform designed by ODEC to make surveys through different channels (the Web, smartphones, tablets).

Complet allows the following:

  • Create ad hoc questionnaires with different languages. It allows that the interviewee choses which one he prefers to use..
  • Get the feedback via website, telephone, paper, offline or via personal interviews.
  • Adapt the suveys to the mobile phones (responsive).
  • Select a sample and send the invitations from the same platform.
  • Work both with global quota and with individual ones.
  • Track online the development of the fieldwork.
  • Download the results in multiple formats.
  • Create templates from the CSS, which allows a lot of options for design.

Complet is a product that evolves constantly. It has a lot of functionalities which facilitate the tasks of a study:

  • Creation of surveys according to their methodology; CAWI, CAPI, mobile, etc.
  • Centralized management of all the studies from just one platform.
  • It contains all the basic elements of a survey (simple and multiple questions, matrixes, etc.) and other more advanced, such as deployed or random rotations of questions and speakers.
  • The possibility of creating an index to make the different blocks of questions of the survey in the wished order.

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