About Us

We are your
data partner

Your reliability in us makes us bigger.

We are your information team, the only one able to offer you a personalized service in capturing, treatment and presentation of data in the most efficient way depending on each case. Information is essential in your decision taking. Ensure your strategy. Don’t put your investment at risk.

We are your technological partner, able to securely manage great volumes of data. We turn it into information to guarantee its rigor and order it in a useful way making it accessible in real time through the most up-to-date software. If this does not exist, we create it for you

The data supports us: 50 years backing you.

We continue to advance, overcome challenges, prepared for the future.

Installations and team

ODEC's real power is its people: a team of experienced professionals with a high level of know-how in different areas made of project managers, data management technicians, analysts, programmers and multiservice professionals.

Our headquarters is based in Gandia in a 3.500 square meter building with modern technological and security tools:

  • 160 posts of Call Center, plus 80 posts of documental video-capture.
  • A logisitics center with a discharge dock and internal and external security.
  • 1.200 square meters for fulfillment, preparation and document processing.
  • Kodak digitalization equipment with capacity for up to 1.000.000 pages per day.
  • ATM fiber optics communication lines per redundant provider.

We also have offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia in order to be closer to our clients and, on the other hand, to provide them, in an autonomous way, with specialized services.

around the world

Being pioneers and always at the avant garde allows us to reach further and broaden borders.

We work with clients in different countries by offering global solutions in the international markets.

The internationalization of our services is a proof that we are able to reach our client´s needs. That is the reason we are your Data Partner.

How far do you want to reach?

Global services to obtain the maximum yield of your company or market